HS/SW platform provides modular approach for Audio DSP development

February 26, 2019 //By Julien Happich
HS/SW platform provides modular approach for Audio DSP development
Analog Devices’ SHARC Audio Module (ADZS-SC589-MINI) is a hardware/software platform aimed at facilitating efficient product prototyping, development, and production of a variety of digital audio products.

Combining high-performance audio signal processing components with a comprehensive software development environment, the SHARC Audio Module is well suited for effects processors, multi-channel audio systems, MIDI synthesizers, and many other DSP-based audio projects.

Traditional product development efforts usually require a significant investment in time and effort to select components, prototype a board, and develop a basic software structure before developers can even begin to address their own product needs. The SHARC Audio Module significantly accelerates this process by providing an audio platform integrating a wide selection of analog and digital I/O with a fundamental software package and development environment. The SHARC Audio Module can be used as a self-contained system but can also be expanded, allowing for the creation of custom I/O and control surfaces. The SHARC Audio Module is built around Analog Devices’ ADSP-SC589 processor featuring two 500MHz SHARC+ DSP cores and an ARM Cortex-A5 core.  Connected to the processor is a carefully designed set of system peripherals, including two 2 Gbit DDR3 memories and a 512Mbit SPI flash memory, UART (for MIDI & more), a SigmaDSP ADAU1761 96 kHz, 24-bit audio codec, Gigabit Ethernet, S/PDIF and 1/8“stereo jacks, USB OTG & HS, an AD2425W A2B multi-channel audio interface and two 64-pin expansion connectors.

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