High-side, 76V, current sense amp – now as a dual

October 17, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
High-side, 76V, current sense amp – now as a dual
Maxim has issued a dual version of its recently-introduced 0V to 76V current-sense amplifier, which it presenting as offering an optimum combination of wide voltage range, small size and high precision.

MAX40201 has a offset voltage of under 12µV (max) and gain error of less than 0.1% (max). Its voltage outputs can swing to within a few tens of millivolts of the VDD rail and ground. Its input common-mode voltage ranges from 0V to 76V with 80 kHz of small-signal bandwidth, for interfacing with a SAR ADC for multichannel multiplexed data acquisition systems. It comes in 8-bump wafer-level package (WLP) or 8-pin μMAX package, in preset gain options of 25V/V, 50V/V, 100V/V or 200V/V.


Maxim Integrated; www.maximintegrated.com/en/products/analog/amplifiers/MAX40201


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