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December 06, 2018 // By Wisse Hettinga
Waterproof USB Type-C connectors are emerging as the go-to solution for today’s consumer products. By Tommy Yu | Product Manager at TE Connectivity

Finally, ease of use is a constant goal for many designers. USB Type-C connectors are easier to use than Micro USB because they offer flip insertion (no specific connector orientation is required when inserting them).

Key Requirements

Some important requirements to consider in a USB Type-C solution that supports these trends are:

Signal integrity: Higher signal integrity equals faster data rates, so USB Type-C products with optimum signal integrity are preferred and should be rated for USB 3.1 performance. In some cases, manufacturers have leveraged their experience with previous data products to deliver 10-Gb/s throughput.

Power: USB Type-C products can transfer more power—100 W at 5 A compared to 10 W at 0.5 A in a Micro USB system. Therefore, devices can charge more quickly, assuming the rest of the system is designed for faster charging.

Environmental protection: To provide the environmental protection required by users, waterproof USB Type-C connectors leverage a rubber seal and a seamless housing to keep water out. These connectors should be rated for IPX8 water-ingression performance (per IEC 60529) and should be durable enough for thousands of mating cycles. Added board-retention features help make for a robust design, providing high reliability and quality.

USB Type-C connectors with IPX8 waterproofing performance are becoming the new standard for a wide range of products because they deliver go-anywhere reliability, faster charging, and faster data transfers. Micro USB has had a good history of delivering connectivity in a wide range of products, but USB Type-C is the connector of the future.

Tommy Yu is Product Manager at TE Connectivity.

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