HiFive1 Rev B, RISC-V for everyone!

March 20, 2019 //By Wisse Hettinga
HiFive1 Rev B, RISC-V for everyone!
HiFive1 Rev B - The Second Generation HiFive1 Dev Board and the Freedom Everywhere SoC, FE310

SiFive launched an upgraded Freedom Everywhere SoC and corresponding development kit, the HiFive1 Rev B, powered by SiFive’s E31 CPU, the FE310-G002. A small yet mighty 68 mm x 51 mm, the HiFive1 Rev B can connect to Arduino-compatible accessories and is a great platform for real-time embedded applications.

In the chip, the FE310-G002, SiFive added:

  •         One hardware I2C
  •         An additional UART for a total of 2 UARTs
  •         An upgrade to RISC-V Debug Specification 0.13
  •         Always-on domain at 3.3V
  •         The ability to power-off the core power (1.8V) during sleep mode.

On the board, the HiFive1 Rev B, SiFive:

  •         Added a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module to enable more connected applications for FE310
  •         Upgraded the USB debug to a Segger J-Link
  •         Enabled USB drag-and-drop flash programming
  •         Removed the bidirectional level shifters, enabling the FE310 to drive the I/O pins (3.3V only) directly
  •         Changed to a 4 MB QSPI NOR from ISSI

Optimisation and power savings at the edge for IoT devices also necessitate that developers not be unnecessarily frustrated by walled-off gardens. Critically, The FE310 is the first open source, commercially available RISC-V SoC.

On the HiFive1 Rev B there is a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module from Espressif to enable the community to use the FE310 as a truly connected IoT device.

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