FRAM could enable better wearable medical devices: Page 4 of 5

April 01, 2019 //By William G. Wong
FRAM could enable better wearable medical devices
Wearable medical devices face a number of challenges and certification to battery life. Low power operation allows these devices operate for longer periods of time.

Why is Cypress well-positioned to help take the industry to the next level?

Cypress has developed a culture of becoming a technology partner with companies looking for long-term support with high-value products. This is different from being a commodity product supplier with routine products and processes.

Cypress has implemented design techniques across product families that deliver efficient solutions purpose-built for demanding applications. We’re ensuring compliance with the most stringent quality and reliability requirements in the industry while supporting product features that meet designers’ requirements.

For instance, our latest family of PSoC microcontrollers offers high levels of feature integration (processor, memory, connectivity) with the lowest power consumption in the industry. Low power consumption is especially important for implantable devices, as it minimizes the number of surgeries needed to replace a device that has run out of power.

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