Farnell element14 has added new content to the company’s IoT Hub

March 09, 2018 //By Ally Winning
Farnell element14 has added new content to the company’s IoT Hub
The IoT Hub was developed to provide more in-depth information to designers about the technologies involved and contains a variety of feature stories, case studies, products, and interviews, as well as technical articles.

The new content includes a section on the Internet of Robotic things, which focuses on why robots are becoming more important in a range of areas, what different types of robots are available, how they are implemented and how robots and humans can exist together.

The next new section asks, “Does the IoT really need the Internet”? The section looks at IoT dvices and applications and whether the Internet is a critical factor for them. It also looks at areas where the Internet may not be available, or be intermittent and how IoT functionality can be implemented in those types of locations.

Another new area covers smart speakers and looks at types, applications and benefits. It also looks at complimentary components and devices.

Why SBCs and Development Kits are Essential in Enabling IoT investigates the role of these products for the IoT.

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