Farnell element14 adds Tronics’ high-performance MEMS inertial sensors

January 16, 2019 //By Ally Winning
Farnell element14 adds Tronics’ high-performance MEMS inertial sensors
Farnell element14 is now stocking the full range of high-performance MEMS gyros from Tronics Microsystems, a division of TDK Corporation.

The single-chip Tronics’ GYPRO series offers bias instability of only 0.8̊ per hour and ultra-low noise (Angular Random Walk) of only 0.14° per √h. The GYPRO2300 device has a data rate of 200 Hz with RMS Noise [1-100Hz] of 0.02°/s; the GYPRO2300LD offers a data rate of 1700 Hz at 2ms latency tailored for motion tracking and stabilisation. The GYPRO3300 boasts improved tolerance to harsh environments (vibration rectification coefficient of 0.5°/h/g²) and a latency of 1ms due to improved integrated circuitry. All the devices have built-in closed-loop electronics for superior linearity, increased signal to noise ratio and improved behaviour in harsh vibration, shock and temperature environments.

Farnell element14 has also added Tronics GYPRO-EVB2 evaluation kits which interface with the Arduino YUN prototyping platform.

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