Expanded low-cost MEMS inertial accelerometer family

April 12, 2019 //By Ally Winning
Expanded low-cost MEMS inertial accelerometer family
Silicon Designs has added new g-ranges and end-user enhancements to the company’s Model 2227 MEMS inertial accelerometer series.

Initially launched as a ±25-g product, the new products expand the range to both ±10 g and ±50 g variations. The sensors have the industry-standard form factor and pin configuration of traditional quartz inertial accelerometers but include a built-in adjustable scaling factor. The scaling factor allows an end-user to achieve greater accelerometer voltage output flexibility, at any specified g-range, of as much as 25%.

The design of the Silicon Designs Model 2227 series combines two patented capacitive silicon sense elements and a precision, custom CMOS IC. Modules are assembled on a high-temperature open PCB with a circuit that converts the MEMS accelerometer differential output voltage into a level of current directly proportional to the amount of applied acceleration. The design allows the Series to achieve the necessary low-noise, high-stability, long-term repeatability and low power for today’s inertial navigation applications.

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