Evaluation kits for kW-rated power stages using GaN

October 06, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
Evaluation kits for kW-rated power stages using GaN

Transphorm (Goleta, California) – maker of JEDEC and AEC-Q101 qualified 650V gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductors – has added a number of kits to its library of resources for those looking to exploit the characteristics of the high-voltage, wide-bandgap switches.


Transphorm designs, develops, and provides evaluation kits built on various system topologies with the company’s qualified GaN FETs. These kits offer engineers the opportunity to learn how HV GaN will perform in different designs commonly used in data centre and industrial power supplies, automotive, photovoltaic inverter and servo motor applications. The three kits currently offered are summarised in the table;





Power Rating

Totem-pole PFC (pictured, above)

AC to DC



AC to DC



DC to AC


Half-bridge Synchronous Buck or Boost

DC to DC



The kits are added to Transphorm’s design resource (application support) pages, where other published app notes and design guides include;


Multi-pulse Testing for GaN Layout Verification : A tutorial on verifying the power train of a half- or full-bridge system under high voltage and high current operating conditions; checks for parasitic oscillation at the switching edges.

Ultrafast Overcurrent Breaker Circuit for Prototyping : Explanation of a simple and fast resettable electronic circuit breaker that helps protect GaN FETs and reduces collateral damage from over an overcurrent condition caused by a system development malfunction.

LLC Resonant Tank Design for 3.3kW Electric Vehicle On-board Charger with Wide-range Output Voltage : Provides engineers familiar with LLC design and operation a starting point for resonant tank values. Also includes methods for calculating transformer ferrite and high-frequency copper losses.

GaN FETs in Parallel Using Drain Ferrite Beads and RC Snubbers for High-power Applications : Details a solution for paralleling GaN FETs in hard-switching bridge power converter applications.

Drain Voltage and Avalanche Ratings for GaN FETs : Compares a Silicon MOSFET’s avalanche rating to a Transphorm GaN FET’s transient drain-to-source

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