ETSI releases specs for Smart City context information management

January 28, 2019 //By Julien Happich
ETSI releases specs for Smart City context information management
The ETSI Industry Specification Group for cross-cutting Context Information Management (ISG CIM) has just released its main specification GS CIM 009 for NGSI-LD API, particularly targeting Smart City applications and government services.

This culminates two years of work, including industry feedback on the preliminary release made in April 2018. The name “NGSI-LD” refers to early work of the Open Mobile Alliance in defining high-level NGSI interfaces as well as advances from the Linked Data community.

A significant amount of the data collected never gets leveraged because of the challenges in interpreting data models and API standards for utilizing the data across platforms. NGSI-LD leverages the experiences of the developer community associated with a large number of FIWARE NGSIv2 projects, along with the Linked Data communities, targeting both as natural early adopters of this new ETSI specification.

The NGSI-LD API specification builds on widespread data models of graph-databases, known as Property Graphs, so that all kinds of “things” including people, city boundaries, buildings, rooms, cars, equipment can be readily referenced and described, together with their relationships. Previously the typical Smart City applications such as smart parking could direct drivers to a parking lot with available parking slots, but the relationships such as “car X belongs to Hospital X” and “Hospital-X vehicles may use emergency services parking” are only recorded using some proprietary properties which are currently hard to quickly share across new applications. NGSI-LD is designed to allow cross-domain sharing and to facilitate restrictions based on privacy (GDPR), security or licensing concerns.

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