End-to-end Augmented Analytics platform requires no coding

April 26, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
End-to-end Augmented Analytics platform requires no coding
Enabling businesses to easily compose business-critical analytics use cases, this flexible, modular, and no-code platform accelerates the adoption and democratisation of AI in enterprise analytics.

HyperSense, developed by Subex, is an end-to-end Augmented Analytics platform that helps enterprises make faster, better decisions by leveraging AI across the data value chain.

Developed based on Subex's extensive data analytics experience, HyperSense contains all the Augmented Analytics capabilities enterprises need in one flexible and modular platform. Its unique no-code capabilities allow users without a knowledge of coding to easily aggregate data from disparate sources, turn data into insights by building, interpreting, and tuning AI models, and effortlessly share their findings across the organization.

First defined by Gartner, Augmented Analytics uses enabling technologies such as machine learning and AI to assist with data preparation, insight generation, and insight explanation. It empowers experts as well as non-data scientists by automating many aspects of data science, including model development, management and deployment of AI models.

AI is still in the early stages of meaningful adoption in most businesses. Enterprises eager to harness the promise of AI and machine learning technology typically encounter multiple roadblocks such as demonstrating proof of value through nimble pilots; the absence of an integrated AI and data stack, and a lack of AI skills.

HyperSense solves all these challenges through five powerful yet modular studios:

  • Data Management Studio gives users one-place access to batch and streaming data across multiple data formats and lets them search, enrich, structure, and validate the data collected from across the business;
  • Business Modelling Studio allows users to apply rules and run data audits in real-time, profile information, monitor and forecast business KPIs;
  • AI Studio adds AI capabilities such as model building, model diagnostics, explainable AI, and hyperparameter tuning;
  • Business Intelligence Studio visualises the data analytics output for fast insights and easy sharing;
  • Process Automation Studio allows users to create actions and workflows to drive forward decisions based on the data insights.

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