embedded world 2020 - quiet but interesting!

February 26, 2020 //By Wisse Hettinga
embedded world 2020 - interesting and quiet!
Are we facing a 'new normal' for shows?

When the embedded world doors are closed today it might be time to draw the easy conclusion, it was interesting and quiet. A show many people will remember.


Some people estimated a 50% drop in visitors, but we have to wait for the final figures to draw a final conclusion on that. The no-show of many big companies created big open spaces - no filled up with benches and tables, parasols; it sometimes reminded more of a holiday or gardening show.

..but interesting!

The low number of visitors created a very different atmosphere. No shoulder to shoulder filled paths, but quiet places and halls. The good thing? There was time to have a close look at the products and solutions offered and some of the exhibitors felt happy with the response. Not so much the quantity, but the quality of the meetings counted for them.

The 'fear of the virus' was on the top of the lists of the conversations. People moved their body in awkward positions to find out yes or no to shake hands (there where special stickers advising not to shake hands..better to give a smile) and all over the show there were special dispensers to clean your hands.

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