Electro optic polymer modulator breaks performance record

September 20, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Electro optic polymer modulator breaks performance record
Lightwave Logic and Polariton Technologies achieve record performance for an ultra-high speed modulator in an optical transmission experiment by ETH Zurich.

Lightwave Logic has announced the achievement of world-record performance for a polymer modulator, as demonstrated in an optical transmission experiment by ETH Zurich, using its proprietary, advanced Perkinamine™ chromophores and the newest plasmonic EO modulator made by Polariton Technologies. The silicon-photonics-based plasmonic racetrack modulator offers energy-efficient, low-loss, and high-speed modulation in a compact footprint.

The groundbreaking results were presented as a post-deadline paper at the prestigious European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) industry exhibition and conference in Bordeaux. Polariton's plasmonic modulator transmitted 220 Gbit/s OOK and 408 Gbit/s 8PAM. Transmission of an optical signal was conducted over 100 m using a low-voltage electrical drive of 0.6 Vp, an on-chip loss of 1 dB, and an optical 3 dB bandwidth of beyond 110 GHz. 

"Our mission at Lightwave Logic is to continually push the frontiers of high-speed performance for electro-optic polymers, shaping the 'impossible' into reality and a new normal for the industry," said Dr. Michael Lebby, Chief Executive Officer of Lightwave Logic. "Through our collaboration with Polariton, we have achieved a new world-record for a racetrack plasmonic modulator device structure. The acceptance of a post-deadline peer reviewed paper at ECOC 2021 provides third party validation of this incredible result.”

"We now turn our attention to further optimizing this performance with silicon foundries through both materials and optical device design. With performance achievements such as this, we believe that many companies will quickly see the potential impact that high performance optical switching devices using our polymers can have on their business," concluded Lebby.

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