Edge AI system targets smart factories

September 25, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Edge AI system targets smart factories
AAEON's Boxer-6405 is an ultra-compact edge AI system fitted with four USB3.0 ports and three COM ports so it can easily be connected to a range of factory equipment. Measuring just 166x106.6x37mm, the Boxer-6405 can be deployed in the tightest of spaces. Despite its modest dimensions, it can be connected to multiple industrial cameras, PLCs, sensors, and motion devices.

The slim PC can also be fitted with AAEON’s AI Core – a mini-PCIe module powered by Intel Movidius Myriad 2 technology.

The deep learning module enables the Boxer-6405 to serve as a powerful edge AI device, and the AI Core’s advanced VPU enhances the system’s already formidable machine vision capabilities. Because the AI Core operates on the edge without a connection to a network or the cloud, issues relating to latency, reliability, and security are eliminated. The low-power-consumption system features a 6W TDP, and it can also serve as an effective IoT gateway device, as WiFi and 4G modules can be installed via the machine’s two mini card slots. The fanless system has an IP40 rating, an operational temperature range of -20 to 60ºC, and a DC power input range of 9V to 24V. The next-generation box PC also features a cable-free, modular internal design that makes it resistant to vibrations and allows users to easily replace the DRAM or HDD.

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