Digi extends Xbee ecosystem with new tools

July 31, 2019 //By Ally Winning
Digi International has launched a suite of new software and development tools for the Digi XBee Ecosystem.
Digi International has launched a suite of new software and development tools for the Digi XBee Ecosystem.

The new XBee tools will allow the easier development, manufacture, deployment and management of industrial IoT solutions.

To ease development, Digi now offers:

  • MicroPython support to quickly add edge intelligence to product and offload or eliminate the need for a host MCU.
  • Digi XBee Interface Board (XBIB-C): A fully-featured development board for rapid prototyping and development. It includes on-board sensors, current monitoring pins, a Grove connector and support for USB Direct Mode (Digi XBee Cellular).
  • Digi XBee GPS Daughter Board: A complete hardware and software reference design for fast evaluation of GPS technology on Digi XBee projects.

  • Digi XBee Plug-In for PyCharm IDE: Streamlining MicroPython development on XBee with a complete IDE. It includes a simplified programming workflow, code completion and integrated support for Digi XBee APIs, libraries and code examples.

To ease manufacturing Digi has launched the Digi XBee Multi Programmer - an automated batch programmer and configuration tool built with easy-to-use software. It can concurrently program up to six Digi XBee modules and additional Multi Programmers can be added.

Digi will also make it easier to deploy XBee designs with:

  • The Digi XBee Network Assistant is a Windows application to simplify XBee network installation, provisioning, site-surveys and network management that includes powerful network visualization features.
  • Digi XBee3 USB Adapter to enable connectivity between a laptop or other USB-enabled device and a local XBee network to simplify development, deployment, configuration and diagnostics. It supports 2.4 GHz XBee networks (Zigbee, 802.15.4, DigiMesh) and is intended for use with Digi XBee Network Assistant or Digi XBee Configuration and Test Utility (XCTU), a Windows-, OS- and Linux-compatible configuration platform for Digi XBee devices.
  • Digi XBee Mobile App for iOS and Android. The Bluetooth-based utility allows secure, wireless configuration of Digi XBee 3 modules from a mobile device.

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