Development system support for RISC-V architecture

November 28, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
Development system support for RISC-V architecture
Segger Microcontroller has released a RISC-V edition of its multi-platform Embedded Studio integrated development environment (IDE): Segger believes that Embedded Studio is the first professional IDE to support the open source RISC-V CPU architecture.

Embedded Studio for RISC-V comes with the same features of Embedded Studio for Arm and Cortex-M and makes it simple for users to transition between both architectures. Embedded Studio for RISC-V makes it easy to evaluate RISC-V, Segger adds.


J-Link combined with Embedded Studio provides debug for RISC-V and Arm using capabilities fine-tuned for software development and production: Unlimited breakpoints in flash memory eliminating hardware breakpoint limitations, and the ability to write custom loaders using J-Link's Open Flash Loader to support any type of flash memory storage. Embedded Studio features multiple means of application analysis, such as memory use and stack analysis.


One way to experience RISC-V and Embedded Studio is with the Digilent Artix-A7 ARTY development board which has the SiFive E31 Core IP deployed, including integrated flash programming, debugging, and flash breakpoints.


Segger promotes Embedded Studio as being suited to university courses and for professional development in equal measure, with straightforward licensing, free for educational and non-commercial use.







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