Dev kit for brain-computer interfaces

August 19, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Brain-computer interface development kit uses 'dry' EEG
Artificial intelligence and biometric technologies company Neurotechnology has launched a development kit for brain-computer interface applications.

The BrainAccess Development Kit offers a full dry-contact electroencephalography (EEG) solution including the electrodes, headware, electroencephalograph, EEG signal acquisition and processing software, and brain-computer interface (BCI) example algorithms. The kit can be used to develop applications where a person controls a computer or other device through activities such as eye movements, visual focus, relaxation state, or other subtle changes that can be detected in the user's EEG signal patterns.

Conventional EEG, says the company, uses "wet" electrodes that require gel and scalp preparation for better electrical contact, making it difficult to use outside of a clinical or laboratory environment. The company's dry-contact electrodes require no gel and are shape-conforming, resulting in better comfort and electrical contact compared to standard dry-contact electrodes.

"EEG is a highly effective, low-cost method for measuring brain activity in BCI applications due to its non-invasive nature and high temporal resolution," says Dr. Osvaldas Putkis, project lead at Neurotechnology. "However, two things are needed in order for EEG to become practical enough for widespread adoption and everyday BCI use: 1) efficient dry-contact electrodes for measurement and 2) miniaturization of electroencephalographs with a high number of acquisition channels."

The BrainAccess Development Kit comes in two variants: Standard and Extended. The Standard version includes the BrainAccess MINI electroencephalograph - an ultra-portable electroencephalograph offering 16 acquisition channels, wireless connectivity, and more than 10 hours of battery-powered operation time - and the BrainAccess BAND: headware with dry-contact electrodes for measuring brain activity over the forehead and occipital regions. A BrainAccess CAP with 16 dry-contact electrodes is another available option for standard coverage of the cerebral cortex.

The Extended version of the kit features the BrainAccess MODULAR electroencephalograph - which features a modular architecture allowing for high-density electrode coverage of the cerebral cortex - with 32 acquisition channels and the BrainAccess CAP with 32 shape-conforming dry-contact electrodes. The number of acquisition channels in BrainAccess MODULAR can be further expanded with expansion modules

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