Cylindrical supercapacitors peak at 400F to power IoT devices

March 13, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
Cylindrical supercapacitors peak at 400F to power IoT devices
CAP-XX (Sydney, Australia) has launched its first compact cylindrical supercapacitors to provide high performance at low cost for less space-constrained devices. Combining its cylindrical supercapacitors with its existing thin prismatics that address ultra-space-constrained designs, CAP-XX now offers a wide range of small supercapacitors to power IoT industrial and consumer devices.

Single (2.7V) or dual-cell (5.4V) cylindrical supercapacitors in the range deliver high peak power and low ESR at a competitive cost, starting at less than $0.50 for the smallest devices (1 to 5 Farads) to $9 for the largest (400F). The smallest one Farad supercapacitor is 12 mm long and comes in two diameters: 6.3 mm (400 m Ω) and 8 mm (180 m Ω). The largest 400F supercapacitor is 68 mm long and 35 mm in diameter (3 m Ω). Temperature range is -40°C to +65°C. Assembly is by soldering or welding (ultrasonic, laser or spot), via radial lead, solder pin or tab.


Applications include energy harvesting for wireless sensors, wireless HVAC sensors and actuators; peak power support for GSM/GSR transmission, locks and actuators, and portable drug delivery systems; “last gasp” power for remote meter status transmission; and short term bridging power for battery hot swaps.





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