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January 14, 2021 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Cost-effective NFC Type 2 tag authentication IC
The NFC Type 2 IC enables brands to engage with their customers via NFC while offering advanced product authentication and brand protection.

Further, programming the cryptographic keys into the chips is completely segregated from programming the URL for the authentication service, providing additional flexibility and security for the system implementation.

In addition, em|linq offers new integration possibilities into electronic labels. Its small form factor provides superior mechanical robustness, and its power efficiency enables a small antenna form factor for enhanced communication performance. Its electrical characteristics are compatible with most of the antenna designs already existing on the market, reducing the engineering effort.

By building its high-performance authentication engine on top of a traditional RFID architecture rather than by simplifying a cumbersome smartcard one, em|linq elegantly responds to the scalability challenge. Adding the authentication functionality remains an extension of a traditional RFID use case, with no unnecessary overhead, and the tags are produced using the same process flow and with the same quality and cost-effectiveness as the standard RFID products.

Further, its exceptional RF performance allows for very small inlay constructions, facilitating integration and reducing the overall cost.

NFC Type-2 compliant, em|linq delivers state-of-the-art radio frequency and cryptographic performance. Its highly optimized cryptographic hardware implementation provides best-in-class Web Authentication brand protection to consumers’ smartphones using a dynamically generated HMAC-SHA1 code appended to the URL stored in the NDEF container.

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