Conrad adds new ESP32-based M5Stack products

April 11, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Conrad adds new ESP32-based M5Stack products
Distributor and retailer Conrad Electronic has added a number of products of the new M5Stack series available on the European market under the trademark Makerfactory to its product range. Based on the microcontroller ESP32, this product series enables fast and easy development of IoT applications.

The potential trend products are aimed at business-to-business customers such as start-ups, research and development departments, schools and universities and at the same time address business-to-consumer customers such as makers, tekkies and trend followers and accompany them in the development of innovative technology projects.

B2B customers particularly appreciate the ability to produce prototypes easily, quickly and without hardware design when using the M5Stack series. Another advantage is that users can use different programming languages such as Arduino, C/C++, MicroPython and Blockly.

Makers, trend followers, hobbyists, inventors and technicians particularly welcome the fact that the prototyping platform also represents the end product and that developments are not only simple, but also very rapid.

M5Stack is a full-featured and ready-to-use development environment for the ESP32 microcontroller in a robust housing with integrated TFT display and three freely programmable control panels. With the M5Stack, modules with expansion functions can be stacked directly on top of each other in the housing - hence the name M5Stack. Users thus receive a complete device which they can install at the desired location.

In addition to the three M5Stack variants Core Black, Core Grey and Core Fire, Conrad also offers the M5GO IoT Starter Kit and the M5STACK Faces Kit. Additional peripheral devices, such as the sensor and actuator modules contained in the M5GO kit, can be connected to the M5Stack via the Grove I2C expansion connector.

Other products offered in the M5Stack environment include a GPS module, a 3.7V/700mAh battery module, a proto module and a proto experiment kit, the M5CAMERA camera, a charging station with DHT12 sensor, the FRAME mounting frame (2 sets) and a multifunction watch with wristband.

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