Configurable mixed-signal ICs feature in-system programming and multi-time programming

March 13, 2018 //By Ally Winning
Configurable mixed-signal ICs feature in-system programming and multi-time programming
Dialog Semiconductor’s GreenPAK SLG46824 and SLG46826 are the company’s first Configurable Mixed-signal ICs (CMICs) to be launched following its purchase of Silego Technology.

The devices are also the first CMICs to feature in-systems programming using the I2C interface. This will allow unprogrammed CMICs to be installed on the PCB before programming. The 1000 erase/write cycle non-volatile memory (NVM) can also be programmed in-system. The SLG46826 also has 2 kbit EEPROM emulation memory that can be used for backup configuration data, a checksum or a serial number.

Both CMICs have low power analogue and digital resources, like analogue comparators (ACMPs), an internal voltage reference, power-on reset, as well as advanced digital resources, such as multi-function macro-cells. Running the low power analogue comparators with the internal low power voltage reference consumes 2.5 µA typical for two ACMPs that are continuously monitoring external signals. The 2.048 kHz oscillator consumes a few hundred nanoamps when active, making it ideal for watchdog timer applications.

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