Compute/acceleration platform offers scalability

August 03, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
Compute/acceleration platform offers scalability
Artesyn Embedded Technologies has configured a compute and acceleration platform versatile enough for applications ranging from small cell baseband processing, scalable video streaming/encoding, video surveillance and ‘bump-in-the-wire’ monitoring to industrial computing.

The MaxCore Micro is an enterprise-class chassis which holds a host server card and contains an additional slot for any PCI Express add-in card. This card can be from Artesyn or users can employ third-party off-the-shelf cards to provide application-specific functionality and create a complete application platform.


While the MaxCore Micro can stand-alone as a complete system, its form factor allows three chassis to be fitted side-by-side in a 19-inch rack. The platform can be deployed in environments from a 19-inch rack to wall-mount. A power budget of 150W per slot means it is possible to build a system with as many as 48 Intel Xeon D cores per compact chassis, using two dual-processor 12-core add-in cards such as Artesyn’s SharpServer PCIE-7410 card.


Artesyn says that use-cases seen thus far for the MaxCore Micro range from a small cell VRAN digital baseband unit (BBU) to an HEVC video capture and encoder system. This, the cmpany concludes, underlines the versatility of the platform, supported by switchless PCIe connectivity between the slots at up to 50 Gbps and the wide availability of off-the-shelf PCIe add-in cards.


Artesyn Embedded Technologies;


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