Compact, cost efficient DC panel meters

November 13, 2019 //By Wisse Hettinga
Compact, cost efficient DC panel meters
The DMR30 Series offers the ability to measure DC voltage, DC current, temperature, various process voltages, or current loop’s commonly used in industrial processes.

Murata is introducing a new panel meter series developed by Murata Power Solutions for industrial applications. All meters are powered through a 9-32VDC external source and configured via a touch-panel user interface. They are designed to fit in a 2” round mounting hole.

The DMR30-DCV1 model is a Voltmeter that provides DC voltage measurement ranges of 200mV, 2V, and 20V and has 4.5 digits of resolution. The DMR30-DCA1 is an ammeter that provides DC current measurement ranges of 1A - 1200A when used with industry-standard external shunt resistors (50mV and 100mV output types) and up to 3.5 digits of resolution. The DMR30-PM1 Process Meter performs precision process signal measurements supporting 0-5V and 0-10V voltage and 0—20mA and 4-20mA current signals. It can be programmed to display voltage or current units and be mapped to user-defined scales with up to 4.5 digits of resolution. Finally, the DMR30-TC1 temperature meter accepts J, K, T, and E type external thermocouple inputs and can display in Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin with up to 0.1 degrees of measurement resolution.

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