Cloud-native enterprise data ecosystem enables data-driven decisions

June 15, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Cloud-native enterprise data ecosystem enables data-driven decisions
Next-generation enterprise data ecosystem delivers dynamic tools and collaborative environment to solve complex problems, accelerate transformation, and drive business value

Altair has released Altair SmartWorks, its next-generation, cloud-native platform to empower augmented, data-driven decision making.

SmartWorks harnesses the full power of AI, analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help organizations improve and ensure production quality, develop connected product lines, optimize maintenance schedules, and implement recurring revenue models. It also allows companies to customize marketing analytics, automate financial systems, and more.

"SmartWorks will disrupt the way businesses innovate and make decisions by making it easy to leverage AI and IoT in automation and analytics," said James R. Scapa, founder and chief executive officer, Altair. "For organizations strategizing their digital transformation efforts, SmartWorks is a future-proof accelerator and launchpad. It will help companies accelerate, innovate, and deliver.”

The code to low-code to no-code environment means everyone can use it. This allows organizations to more effectively collaborate, generate and share data-driven insights, develop AI-augmented analytics, and create scalable, secure IoT/analytics applications faster and with smaller teams.

Altair SmartWorks allows users to build analytic workflows through visual pipelining and previews at every step, with the transparency on generated code and flexibility to edit or add your own code to through pipelines or notebooks.

Train machine learning models in dev environment and validate in production cluster with ease in Altair SmartWorks.

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