Brushed motor driver IC in a surface-mount package

April 11, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Toshiba Electronics Europe has broadened its line-up of small surface-mount brushed motor drivers with the addition of the TB67H420FTG that supports higher voltage applications such as domestic robotic vacuum cleaners, banking terminals, cash dispenser and other domestic equipment.

The device is based on Toshiba’s latest 130nm process technology and incorporates a single output bridge mode that can deliver up to 9.0A at 50V. It also has the ability to control two brushed motors (50V, 4.5A / 2 channels), as it incorporates a dual bridge mode that can control each channel independently due to two distinct output channels.

The TB67H420FTG comes in a 7x7mm QFN48 surface-mount package with inbuilt MOSFETs offering an ultra-low on-resistance of just 0.17Ω in single bridge mode and 0.33Ω in dual bridge mode, for efficient operation and minimal heat generation.

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