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August 12, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Brain simulator tops one billion neurons on a desktop PC
AI startup FutureAI has announced that its neural simulator software successfully tested one billion neurons on a desktop computer comprised completely of off-the-shelf components.
which is easily overcome with a few racks of servers.

Although less efficient traditional AI approaches will still need huge computational resources, spiking neural models open the door to a new era of AGI development. The Brain Simulator II was developed to address problems fundamental to all of AI - problems any three-year-old can solve but no AI can, says the company. This includes comprehension that objects exist in a physical reality; knowing the basic physics that objects fall down, not up; round ones roll but square ones don't; and understanding the passage of time that blocks must be stacked before the stack can be knocked down.

By eliminating the limitation of computer power, says the company, research in new AGI directions will proceed much faster with AGI expected by the end of the decade.


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