Board-to-board connector for high-speed applications

February 16, 2021 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Board-to-board connector for high-speed applications
Connector features a floating contact mechanism to ensure mechanical stability under all vibration/shock conditions in automotive/industrial applications.

The HF301 series floating board-to-board connector system is ideal for connecting two PCBs for use under difficult environmental conditions. The floating mechanism enables smooth functioning even during shock and vibration.

The HF301 series has a special contact construction that combines the floating function in the X, Y and Z directions, thus ensuring mechanical stability under all vibration and shock conditions. The electromechanical system is high-speed capable with a maximum data transfer rate of 8 Gbps. Additional power pins are integrated into it.

The HF301 series has been developed and tested based on automotive specifications. However, it is also suitable for all other applications with similar demanding requirements such as in industrial environments. The connectors are manufactured in IATF16949-certified companies. They guarantee a long service life even in the event of shock and vibration.

The board-to-board connector system consists of a plug and a socket with 102 signal contacts each and 4 power contacts for up to 5 A.

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