Battery free Bluetooth devices

January 17, 2019 //By Wisse Hettinga
Battery free Bluetooth devices
New funding for Wiliot's battery free Bluetooth sensor technology

With a new funding round of 30 Million dollar, Williot, the developer and builder of ambient powered Bluetooth devices, will be able to get closer to start actual production. The technology allows small sensors around a ARM Cortex -M0 processor to broadcast data such as location, weight, and temperature over Bluetooth. The devices can be manufactured on plastic or paper labels as small as a fingernail and as thin as a sheet of paper. The devices work with ambient radio wave energy coming from available WiFi routers and other devices broadcasting in the same frequency range. The small size will make the new bluetooth tags suitable to be put on all sorts of products and devices that needs tracking and monitoring, from machines to shirts and other consumer goods.

The Wiliot technology will be available for sampling in 2019 via the Early Advantage Program, and will be open to everybody else later in 2020.

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