Avnet LTE-M dev kit offers hardware, software and services: Page 2 of 2

November 26, 2020 //By Rich Pell
LTE-M dev kit simplifies IoT connectivity
Electronic components distributor Avnet has introduced an IoT connectivity kit designed to speed time to market for the development of IoT solutions using LTE-M connectivity.
microcontroller that balances high performance and power efficiency while incorporating TrustZone-M for enhanced security. Avnet is also offering the Monarch Go Arduino Shield as an accessory item for developers who may want to enable other Arduino-compatible MCU boards with LTE Cat-M1 connectivity.

Embedded developers can build upon the provided out-of-box cloud connectivity and dashboard examples using Microsoft's Azure IoT Central and Avnet's IoTConnect cloud platforms. From monitoring sensor data from the NXP MCU board to sending commands remotely via the Verizon network, says the company, these cloud-based examples will accelerate application development and time to market.

The Monarch LTE-M Development Kit is available for $99 and the Monarch Go Arduino Shield is available for $69.95.


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