Automotive OTA technology with differential system

November 08, 2018 //By Ally Winning
Automotive OTA technology with differential system
Wind River has enhanced Wind River Edge Sync to include differential system technology which enables the smallest differential update when conducting over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Keeping updates as small as possible reduces distribution time and cost, update transmission time, and memory required on automotive ECUs. Efficient differential updates are important for a successful, production-grade automotive OTA solution. Edge Sync is a modular, end-to-end OTA update and software lifecycle management solution that allows fast, safe, and secure updates to software and firmware.

Edge Sync differential system technology includes:

• Patch streaming: Stream smaller chunks of updates when memory on the target ECU is insufficient to store the full differential update

• Patching in place: Optimize for low memory/performance ECUs, enabling the application of the update within a single active memory partition

• A/B updates: Write to a secondary, inactive memory partition to apply the patch

• Pause and resume: Allow the installation to be paused and resumed from exactly where it left off, eliminating the need to restart from scratch

• Reduced memory footprint of software client: Configurable software client that enables optimization for resource-constrained environments, including adding/removing functionality as needed to support only the relevant use cases for a given ECU

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