Automotive backlight driver with integrated boost converter

July 07, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Automotive backlight driver with integrated boost converter
LED backlight driver with four 120 mA channels sustains full, constant brightness of in-car displays even during cold crank conditions.

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the four-channel, low-voltage MAX25512 automotive LED backlight driver with integrated boost converter. It is the only integrated offering that retains full, constant brightness of in-car displays even during extreme cold crank conditions down to 3-V input voltage. The single chip LED driver eliminates an external MOSFET and current sense resistor and integrates I²C communication to lower bill of material cost and reduce board space by 30 percent. The highly integrated LED driver includes four 120 mA channels with the industry’s highest efficiency at 2.2 MHz operation.

Today’s automotive start-stop systems increase fuel economy, but they can challenge the power delivery system to maintain the same level of display brightness during re-start. For example, features like display illumination upon entry can be affected by cold crank situations, with the engine drawing down the car battery enough to cause the display to turn off and back on. The MAX25512 LED backlight driver operates down to 3-V after startup without the addition of a pre-boost converter, protecting the display from these power disruptions.

“Over the next five years, the number of displays in automobiles is expected to grow to accommodate new and existing vehicle functions with the size and resolution of these displays increasing as well,” said Sang Oh, Senior Research Analyst at Omdia. “Powering these displays consistently to maintain full, constant brightness while doing so as efficiently as possible, is critical to automakers today.”

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