Arrow launches next-generation IoT wireless modules

June 06, 2019 //By Ally Winning
Arrow launches next-generation IoT wireless modules
Arrow Electronics has partnered with Midatronics to launch a family of radio modules to highlight dual-core performance of STMicroelectronics’ STM32WB55 wireless MCU.

The Sharky modules, MDX-STWBP-01 and MDX-STWUP-R01, measure only 16mm x 27.25mm and the Sharkypro variants are 14.6mm x 23mm or 14.6mm x 14.6mm. They draw 13nA in shutdown mode and 600nA in standby with the MCU real-time clock and RAM powered up. Wireless features includes -96dBm receive sensitivity and programmable RF output power, with low active current at 4.5mA receive and transmitting at 0dBm. IoT security is enhanced with the MCU’s hardware-based encryption, PKA and RNG, with customer key storage to keep keys hidden.Users can choose an on-board PCB antenna or a UFL connector for attaching an external antenna. Balun circuitry for connecting the antenna is integrated into the MCU. The Sharkypro modules, MDX-STWBC-R01 and MDX-STWBW-R01 offer a choice of a chip antenna or no antenna, respectively. The modules use ST’s STM32Cube development ecosystem for MCU-configuration, middleware, and new extensions for the STM32WB55, including peripheral drivers, connectivity libraries, and a monitoring tool for RF testing.

The STM32WB55 MCU integrates a 2.4GHz RF transceiver supporting Bluetooth 5 (including BLE), Thread, and ZigBee stacks. Its dual Arm Cortex-M core architecture enables real-time secure application performance running on the 64MHz Cortex-M4F core, while concurrently managing the radio subsystem and security tasks on the co-integrated and completely independent Cortex-M0+.

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