Arm launches “Automotive Enhanced” processor to enhance safety

December 19, 2018 //By Ally Winning
Arm launches “Automotive Enhanced” processor to enhance safety
Arm has launched a new multithreaded “Automotive Enhanced” processor which has been designed with integrated safety to handle sensor data in autonomous and high throughput areas.

The Cortex-A65AE core is optimized for 7nm technology and offers optimal performance efficiency for the multiple streams of sensor data being generated in next-generation vehicles. The core has the performance required for autonomous applications while providing integrated safety. The Cortex-A65AE was formerly known as Helios-AE on Arm’s product roadmap.

The Arm Cortex-A65AE (Automotive Enhanced) is intended to manage the high throughput requirements for next-generation vehicles, which will feature a mix of cameras, LiDAR technologies and radars to gather data. The device can be used in lock-step mode connected to accelerators, such as ML or computer vision, to help process the data efficiently.

Next-generation vehicles will also be expected to deliver rich, immersive in-vehicle applications, making a heterogeneous compute cluster necessary. To help provide such a cluster, the Cortex-A65AE is Arm’s first throughput focused application class core with Split-Lock.

Arm’s software ecosystem will support the Cortex-A65AE with Arm Safety Ready developer tools and Linux patches already up-streamed.

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