Arm launches 64-bit high-performance processor

September 07, 2020 //By Ally Winning
Arm’s new Cortex-R82 processor has been optimized for systems where high-performance real-time operation is required.
Arm’s new Cortex-R82 processor has been optimized for systems where high-performance real-time operation is required.

The Cortex-R82 is a high performance, 64-bit real-time processor that can address up to 1TB of address space to fulfil the requirements of growing capacities and emerging memory technologies. It can facilitate higher performance storage devices, and the Linux support allows simplified computational storage architectures and flexible SoC designs that can reallocate compute resources dynamically based upon changing workloads or different products.

The new processor also features optional support for Arm Neon technology for accelerating ML workloads. It is the first Arm processor that can combine MPU and optional MMU for real-time and Linux operation.

Like other Cortex-R cores, the Cortex-R82 core can still be configured with a Memory Protection Unit (MPU) to run bare metal and RTOS. In the Cortex-R82, that same core can also be configured with an optional MMU to run a high-level operating system, such as Linux. Both the real-time and MMU contexts can be handled by the same core simultaneously, or selected cores in a cluster can be dedicated to real-time or Linux. The choice is handled by software and can be changed dynamically.

Cortex-R82 has three Exception levels (ELs). EL2 is the highest level that enables a Secure enclave and separation/isolation of virtual machines for OEM code and customer code. More specifically, a Memory Protection Unit (MPU, real-time) context running at EL2 handles context switches between MPU and MMU contexts at EL1 with OEM and/or OS code while user code runs at EL0.

The Cortex-R82 is the first 64-bit real-time capable Arm processor that features 40 address bits. The 40 address bits allow the processor to directly address up to 1TB of addressable space. This enables very large memory or device real-time systems and improved performance over windowing solutions.

The Cortex-R82 processor has better performance than the Cortex-R8 on standard benchmarks and an even higher uplift on partner code. Partner code execution shows 74-125% performance uplift compared with Cortex-R8. The Cortex-R82 processor also has

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