Arm announces new IP for the 5G era

May 27, 2020 // By Ally Winning
Arm has launched a new range of IP that is intended to includes new a new CPU, Mali graphics processor and neural processing unit.
Arm has launched a new range of IP that is intended to includes new a new CPU, Mali graphics processor and neural processing unit.

Cortex-A78 CPU

The new CPU is the Arm Cortex-A78, which has been designed to provide performance while being efficient in both power consumption and area. The company states that the Cortex-A78 is its most efficient Cortex-A CPU for mobile devices. It provides a 20% increase in sustained performance over Cortex-A77-based devices in a 1-watt power budget. The new CPU also offers more efficient management of compute workloads and better on-device Machine Learning (ML) performance.

The performance-per-watt of the new Cortex-A78 makes it ideal for mobile devices, including the latest foldable devices with multiple and larger screens.

Cortex-X custom program

The Cortex-X Custom program is designed to provide greater flexibility and scalability for increasing performance. The program allows additional customization and differentiation for Arm Cortex products, providing better performance for specific use cases. The program’s first CPU is the Arm Cortex-X1, which offers a 30% peak performance increase over Cortex-A77.


The Mali-G78 is a Valhall-based GPU, which features a 25% increase in graphics performance over last year’s Mali-G77. The IP supports up to 24 cores. To gain these advances, Arm has implemented asynchronous top level, tiler enhancements, and improved fragment dependency tracking. Enhanced tools from Arm, such as the Performance Advisor, provides faster detection of bottlenecks and real-time reporting to assist with continuous integration and a faster workflow.

The company will also launch a sub-premium tier of GPUs. The first IP announced for this range is the Arm Mali-G68. The IP supports up to 6 cores and features all the latest Mali-G78 features.


The Arm Ethos-N78 neural processing unit (NPU) is a highly scalable and efficient NPU that builds on the previously released Ethos-N77. The IP delivers better on-device ML capabilities, and up to 25% more performance efficiency. The Ethos-N78 is also very configurable with available configurations starting at 1 TOP/s on up to 10 TOP/s.

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