The Arduino Pro IDE (alpha) now available

October 20, 2019 // By Wisse Hettinga
The Arduino Pro IDE (alpha) now available
Arduino Pro IDE comes with the simple, classic Arduino IDE that so many of you are familiar with.

Arduino announced the release of the alpha version of a completely new development environment for Arduino — the Arduino Pro IDE. The new architecture opens the door to new features like:

  • Sketch synchronisation with Arduino Create Editor
  • Debugger
  • Fully open to third party plug-ins 
  • Support for additional languages other than C++
  • The new Arduino Pro IDE is based on the latest technologies: 
  • The Arduino CLI running in daemon mode provides all the main Arduino features.
  • The application frontend is based on the Eclipse Theia Open Source IDE.
  • Electron, the framework behind Eclipse Theia, allows the use of web technologies on desktop environments.


More features in this initial alpha release of the new Arduino Pro IDE are:

  • Modern, fully featured development environment 
  • Dual Mode, Classic Mode (identical to the Classic Arduino IDE) and Pro Mode (File System view)
  • New Board Manager 
  • New Library Manager
  • Board List
  • Basic Auto Completion (Arm targets only)
  • Git Integration
  • Serial Monitor
  • Dark Mode

Call for feedback! Before releasing the source code to move out of the alpha, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please test the Arduino Pro IDE to it’s breaking point. Arduino is open to recommendations for additional features, as well as hearing about any bugs you may find — there’s bound to be a few as it is an alpha version after all! Give it a go at

More information at



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