"All-in-one" IoT module provides global LTE connectivity

November 10, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
"All-in-one" IoT module provides global LTE connectivity
Gemalto’s Cinterion PLS62-W IoT module provides 12-band LTE coverage plus fall back to 3G and 2G in a single device.

Presented as the first module to combine this degree of global connectivity in a single device, the unit will, Gemalto says, simplify logistics and distribution and lower the cost of global IoT deployments.


The Cinterion PLS62-W IoT Module delivers efficient LTE Cat. 1 connectivity on all 12 LTE bands while providing seamless fallback to multi band 3G and 2G networks if 4G is not available. This allows device manufacturers and integrators to develop one application that can connect anywhere in the world, even when solutions move between different regions and cellular network standards.


A Java embedded system included in the IoT Module adds processing power to IoT solutions. It makes application design easier and faster by sharing memory, a large library of existing open source code and recognized software building blocks. In addition, it simplifies lifecycle management and streamlines integration with back-end IT systems. Advanced power management system ensures reliability, and provides optimized sleep mode to preserve power and extend battery life.


Gemalto; www.gemalto.com/m2m-site/Pages/Products/industrialplus-PLS62-W.aspx


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