AI-based edge appliance makes creating video content simple

January 30, 2019 //By Julien Happich
AI-based edge appliance makes creating video content simple
The REA-C1000 is Sony’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Edge Analytics solution, allowing users to create video content in real time, without the need for specialist training or additional staff or equipment.

The compact and lightweight REA-C1000 uses advanced AI-based video analytics to analyse the input it receives from connected cameras and automatically extract the object in focus to combine it with other images in real time on a GPU (Graphics Processor Unit). This unique technology using motion/face detection and colour/shape recognition, effectively makes the REA-C1000 the powerful brain of any connected camera and AV setup, allowing education, government and corporate organisations to cost-effectively create professional content that keeps audiences engaged.

“Video content has become a key method of communication in many organisations including education, government and corporate environments, and the demand for solutions that create high quality content, offer a hassle-free shooting experience, and help distribute content quickly is rapidly increasing,” explained Kenji Izu, Strategic Marketing Manager, Sony Professional.

The REA-C1000 comes with five optional features: handwriting extraction and presenter overlay, chroma key-less CG overlay, automatic control of output images such as PTZ auto tracking, focus area cropping and close-up by gesture.

By optimising parameters and processing the images received from the camera, the REA-C1000 can extract hand-written objects from black and white boards using Sony's unique moving/unmoving object detection algorithm. This allows audiences to clearly see written content and diagrams, while simultaneously being able to see the gestures and expressions of the presenter.

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