ADLINK partners with FFG for 5G and ROS2 integration

June 13, 2018 //By Ally Winning
ADLINK partners with FFG for 5G and ROS2 integration
ADLINK Technology and Fair Friend Group (FFG) will develop an integration solution for ROS2 (Robot Operating System 2) platforms and converged 5G for the Factories of the Future project.

The collaboration will integrate wireless 5G network technologies with ROS2 platforms to provide system architecture facilitating real-time control and fast, robust communication. ROS2 is intended to bring high-efficiency middleware for data exchange and is becoming a popular API standard for smart robotics development. ADLINK has developed a uniform data exchange environment for factories using DDS (Data Distribution Service) as a backbone.


FFG will build the world’s first demo production line for Factories of the Future, implementing a fast and reliable ROS2-based data exchange. ADLINK will use AI technologies to develop robot controllers with vision, detection, precision control and real-time communication capabilities as open source tools.


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