2.4 inch Arduino display module has WiFi

April 24, 2018 //By Julien Happich
2.4 inch Arduino display module has WiFi
The 4Duino-24 is a 2.4 inch Arduino IDE programmable display module that combines the uLCD-24PTU, Arduino Leonardo, and ESP8266 WIFI. Packed with features this standalone module supports great graphics, resistive touch capability and internet access.

At the heart is an ATmega32U4, the same microcontroller is found on the popular Arduino Leonardo. The 4Duino-24 is powered by the feature-rich PiCASO graphics processor, which offers an array of display functionality and options.  The ESP8266 WiFi module is pre-programmed with the AT command set firmware, enabling many WiFi capabilities right out of the box.

The 72.8x53.3x14.6mm 4Duino-24 also features a microSD connector, and headers in the Arduino layout, including 5V, 3.3V, GND and VIN power pins, 20 digital IO pins, of which 7 can be used PWM outputs and 12 pins have Analog input capabilities.

The Workshop4 IDE and its 3 different 4Duino based development environments lets users program the 4Duino using the Arduino programming language.

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