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January 02, 2019 // By Peter Clarke
20 analog, MEMS and sensor startups to follow this year
We have renewed our list of analog, MEMS and sensor startups to follow, in the fifth annual iteration of our list.

SmartSens Technology Co. Ltd. (Shanghai, China), founded in 2011, is a supplier of CMOS image sensors. It has R&D teams in Silicon Valley and Shanghai and an ISO-certified supply chain infrastructure to supply CMOS image sensors for security and surveillance, consumer, automotive and other mass market applications. The company signed a license agreement with IBM in 2018. www.smartsenstech.com

(see Sony, ST increase image sensor market share)


Thalia Design Automation Ltd. (Cwmbran, Wales), founded in 2011 by a former CAD engineering manager for Micrel, is developing EDA tools that use behavior algorithms from nature for the rapid optimization of analog and mixed-signal performance and power consumption. The company has developed the Amalia analog circuit design optimizer and the Emera power device design optimizer. www.thalia-da.com

(see Thalia, Catena demo analog IP re-use)


Tikitin Ltd. (Espoo, Finland) is a 2016 spin off from Finnish research institute VTT that has raised €3 million (about $3.7 million), to support the launch of MEMS resonator technology. Tikitin claims to be the first company to introduce MEMS resonantors that can be driven by the same circuits as quartz and thereby allowing pin-compatible replacement. The MEMS-based technology makes use of the piezoelectric properties of aluminum-nitride. www.tikitin.com

(see MEMS resonator startup raises funds)


USound GmbH (Graz, Austria), formed in 2014, has developed a piezoelectric MEMS platform for the creation of MEMS microspeakers. The company has evolved into MEMS and more wide-ranging audio company having created referenced designs for earphones, 3D audio and sound systems for augmented and virtual reality headsets.www.usound.com

(see Arrays could extend MEMS speaker applications, says USound)


Wiliot Inc. (San Diego, Calif.) is a fabless semiconductor company formed by a group of engineers whose previous company, Wi-Fi pioneer Wilocity, was acquired by Qualcomm in 2014. Wiliot is setting out to develop a Bluetooth chip powered by energy harvested from radio waves and thereby passive SoC platforms for the IoT market. Founded in 2017. www.wiliot.com

(see Qualcomm, Merck back battery-free IoT startup)


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