16Gb DDR3 memory module comes with 72-bit bus

March 25, 2016 //By Julien Happich
16Gb DDR3 memory module comes with 72-bit bus
3D PLUS has expanded its product line with the 3D3D16G72WB2487, a 3D memory stack module with a footprint of 27.2x18mm, 57% smaller than alternative discrete solutions where components are placed next to each other.

Aimed at airborne and military applications, the module provides 16Gb of DDR3 memory with a 72-bit bus, while integrating decoupling filters and termination resistors in a 223 pins BGA package. It delivers the benefits of an unbuffered SO-DIMM solution while resolving the needs for reliability and miniaturization. Like all 3D PLUS modules, the 3D3D16G72WB2487 is available in industrial (-40°C +85°C) and military temperature range (-55°C +125°C), ensuring stable operation in harsh environments. Data transfer speed is up to 1600Mb/s, with the capability to transfer 64 bits of data and 8 bits of ECC in one clock cycle.

Such performance can be achieved without compromising operating conditions or power budget. The 3D3D16G72WB2487 design is based on the SO-DIMM JEDEC standard: the memories are routed with a fly-by topology to enable the higher speed of DDR3. The recommended decoupling capacitors and terminations resistors for command, control and address signal are all included; making the integration of the 3D PLUS module as easy as inserting a DIMM module in a PC.

Visit 3D PLUS at www.3d-plus.com

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