15/20W DC-DC converters come with medical safety approvals

November 17, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
15/20W DC-DC converters come with medical safety approvals
Artesyn Embedded Technologies’ AEE15W-M and AEE20W-M series are 15 and 20W DC/DC converters for industrial and medical instrumentation where a certified supplementary or reinforced insulation system is required.

The reinforced insulation system, critical for medical equipment applications, is rated for 300 Vac working voltage and 4200 Vac RMS input/output isolation. The modules are certified to the 3rd Edition UL/CSA/EN/IEC 60601-1 medical safety standard and are rated for 2X means of patient protection (MOPP). This family has a calculated MTBF of greater than one million hours.


In a 2 x 1-inch plastic case, the AEE15W-M and AEE20W-M series offer up to 89% efficiency with a wide input voltage range from 9 to 75 Vdc with three 2:1 input voltage ratings (9-18V, 18-36V and 36-75V). Both families consist of fully regulated single 5, 12 and 15V single-output models and ±12 and ±15 V dual-output models. Operation is from -40 to +80C with full power available to 60C and power derating at higher temperatures. EMI characteristics meet EN 55022, class A and FCC level A.


Artesyn Embedded Technologies; www.artesyn.com




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