10 'coolest' AI chip startups of the year

November 30, 2020 // By Rich Pell
10 'coolest' AI chip startups of 2020 - CRN
Information technology publication CRN has published a list of its choice for "the 10 coolest AI chip startups of 2020."

The global market forecast for AI accelerator chips, which is expected to grow 35 percent annually from $8 billion in 2019 to $70 billion in 2026 according to research firm Global Market Insights, underscores the massive amount of cash and growth opportunities that are at stake in the AI chip war, says the publication. Its choices for the 10 "coolest" AI startups of 2020 are based on recent milestones the companies have made, such as funding rounds, product launches, or performance records:

  • Blaize - Its Graph Streaming Processor, offered as the first to run multiple artificial intelligence models and workflows on a single system at the same time, is claimed to overcome barriers in AI processing cost and size, providing 10 to 100 times greater efficiency over existing solutions.
  • Cerebras Systems - The computer systems company's Wafer Scale Engine processor - claimed to be the largest chip ever built, measuring at 1.2 trillion transistors and packing 400,000 compute cores - enables AI research at previously-impossible speeds and scale.
  • Flex Logix Technologies - The company says its InferX X1 is the fastest and most efficient edge AI inference accelerator.
  • Graphcore - Its Intelligence Processing Unit chip, says the company, is the first processor designed from the ground up for machine intelligence.
  • Hailo - The company offers what it says is the world’s top performing AI processor for edge devices, the Hailo-8 deep learning chip.
  • Kneron - This on-device-oriented AI solution provider develops AI chips for edge devices that can adapt to audio and visual recognition applications on the fly.
  • LeapMind - This processor IP company offers a design for an ultra-low-power AI inference accelerator for ASIC and FPGA circuits that it says can run AI models in small, 1- to 2-bit data formats at nearly the same accuracy as 8-bit formats.
  • SambaNova Systems - The company says its software-defined-hardware approach using its reconfigurable dataflow architecture allows applications to take the lead

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