X-FAB adds NV memory functions to 180nm BCD-on-SOI platform

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The addition of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) elements to the platform will open more applications to the process which provides high-voltage ratings and resilience to elevated temperatures, coupled with enhanced computational capabilities.

The EEPROM part is optimised for applications where memory blocks need to be reprogrammed many times (at wafer level, as well as in the field). X-FAB’s SONOS technology supports operation at junction temperatures from -40°C up to 175°C to comply with automotive AEC-Q100 grade-0 quality standards.

The X-FAB NVM solution has a single block of 32kByte Flash, plus 4kbit of EEPROM. Both elements use the company’s SONOS technology. The Flash and EEPROM sub blocks can operate at 1.8V single-voltage and be independently while sharing the same peripheral interface.

To ensure data integrity, the NVM solution has additional features for enabling implementation of ECC, with single-bit correction on the Flash and double-bit correction on the EEPROM. The NVM blocks have an optional embedded test interface, allowing direct access to both the Flash and the EEPROM IP to allow customers to benefit from X-FAB’s NVM wafer-level test and package device test capabilities, as well as improved electric debug and time-to-yield.

Adding four extra process layers to the XT018 base process, the NVM solution is suitable for automotive, industrial, IoT and medical applications. The ultra-low-leakage of the BCD-on-SOI process will assist in the development of emerging applications such as remote autonomous sensor interfaces and in-vivo health monitoring applications.

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