Designing-in single-chip control of brushless DC motors

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This whitepaper from Micronas discusses the advantages of using BLDC motor technology and electronics. Today's brush-type DC motor solutions can be replaced 1:1 by a BLDC motor system, that on the outside, look like a conventional motor but inside provides all advantages needed to realise intelligent motion control. Read More

The number of small motor driving solutions using   BLDC   motor   technology will grow because of the declining cost of electronics. The diversity and functionality of motors will increase, including networking between intelligent drives. Furthermore, the requirements for lower weight, smaller size, higher power density, and lower   cost   must   be met.  The   used motors need to be small, light and are used in distributed LIN bus networks. The design-in time can be reduced because complete platforms of tiny motors can be developed using a single-chip solution. Tailoring to different motor types and properties can be achieved by means of adapting the software.

This white paper sets out the design-in process using an example single-chip driver.

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