Days of future past… Electrified heavy-duty vehicles

By Infineon Technologies AG
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Noiselessly and without exhaust, the bus approaches the bus stop. Neither sound nor exhaust, because the vehicle has an electric drivetrain that takes the energy from batteries. While the doors open to allow passengers to leave and enter the bus, a pantograph on the bus’s roof automatically lifts up and attaches to the electric contacts of the local charging infrastructure. For the short time that it takes the passengers to leave, enter and take a seat, the vehicle’s batteries recharge. With this so-called opportunity charging, the bus can continue its tour around the city without the need of longer breaks or pauses. This setup allows for continuous operation even around the clock despite the fact that the battery’s capacity alone would not be enough to do a one-day shift. Scenarios like this one became very common in the recent discussion about reducing the emissions in public transportation - but the idea is far from being brilliantly new. To find out more about Infineon’s solutions for electrification of heavy-duty vehicles read Infineon’s whitepaper.   Read More

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