Combined heat, flow & form optimization breaks new ground in designing liquid-­‐cooling components

By Diabatix
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Diabatix is a thermal engineering company with a web-based latform. It is an accessible platform solution offered as a service that guides any engineer in designing critical cooling systems better and faster, without expensive CFD consultants and traditional software licenses. It has supercomputers under its skin and is even able to suggest natural freeform cooling system shapes that increases thermal performance of liquid-cooling components up to 30%. Read More

Machine manufacturers feel the heat to develop ever more performant, compact, lightweight or affordable thermal components. Today engineering specialists (manually) perform thermal simulations to improve the conceptual design they started from.This White Paper describes a thermal design platform that pushes innovation by automatically delivering a generative design with optimized thermal performance, based on functional requirements. The liquid cooling designs with freeform internal geometries achieve lower maximum operational temperature (e.g. IGBTs, electric vehicles) or minimum thermal expansion (electronic manufacturing systems) or more uniform temperature (e.g. cooling of lasers and LEDs). The platform is extremely fast because it manages the automatic execution of thermal simulation & optimization on supercomputers.

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