Webinar: Industrial PFC with silicon carbide MOSFETs – 30th Nov.

Webinar: Industrial PFC with silicon carbide MOSFETs – 30th Nov.

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Wolfspeed – a Cree company – is to present a webinar entitled “A Cost-effective, Highly Efficient Three-Phase AC/DC Power System For Industrial PFC Applications”, on 30th November 2017.
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This webinar presents an optimized two-level three-phase 20 kW hardware prototype PFC (power-factor correction) design using 1kV SiC (silicon carbide) MOSFETs.


Timing for the presentation is 6 pm GMT / 19:00 CET.


In the session, the performance of this SiC-based AC/DC converter is compared against similarly rated AC/DC converter topologies with primary emphasis on the Vienna rectifier using SJ (superjunction) MOSFETs.


The content will include;

– AFE design using Wolfspeed SiC MOSFETs achieves high power density with a simple topology and control approach.

– When compared to Vienna Rectifier (650V devices), AFE design delivers up to 1% higher efficiency with similar BOM costs.

– SiC MOSFETs offer symmetrical third quadrant operation and predictable linear Coss behavior at high Fsw.

– When using SiC, designers can achieve higher efficiency and bi-directional power at no additional cost.


Registration for the webinar is here.




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