VITA 57.4 FMC+ Standard now completed

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VITA 57.4 also sometimes also referred to as FMC+. FMC+ modules provide a standardised mezzanine card that are often used for FPGA development solutions and in COTS development. With a small form factor and user defined pins, FMC+ is modular, backwards compatible with FMC mezzanine cards, and extends computing performance and bandwidth.

ANSI/VITA member, Samtec has also announced that the company’s SEARAY vertical connectors are featured in the VITA 57.4 standard, which specifies 8.5 mm and 10 mm stack heights. SEARAY connectors can handle speeds of up to 28 Gbps, provide low insertion/extraction forces, and also have solder charge terminations. In addition, the FMC+ standard also specifies the use of an optional extension connector (the High Serial Pin Connector extension, or HSPCe). Employing this extension connector increases the total pin count by 80 positions, arranged in a 4 x 20 array. This brings data rates from 28 to 32 Gbps over full duplex channels.

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